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About my ACCA APM course - a welcome from Geoff Cordwell

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I am very pleased to introduce you to my very own tuition course.  Structured to make things clear and studying efficient.  It covers the syllabus and provides you with invaluable personal insight into how the examiner thinks and how the exam questions are constructed. 


The syllabus has been broken down in to 20 topics, all under 90 minutes long and all following a similar structure to encourage familiarity and understanding. 

This course is provided as part of the Platinum Package only.

  • What is the topic?

  • What are the key theories and ideas?

  • How is it examined with application to a past exam question?

  • What are the key mistakes students make and how are these avoided?

  • Links to relevant articles

  • Practice questions and answers

Courses for September and December 2023 available now

Tuition Course Content - What You Get!

Tuition HD Videos*

20 High quality videos all under 90 minutes long, presented by Geoff Cordwell covering the entire APM syllabus in a logical topic by topic sequence.  All videos supplied on enrolment.  Watch as many times as you like. Pause, rewind - total flexibility.

Complete Course Notes*

Complete course notes, written by Geoff Cordwell, covering the entire syllabus in a concise and understandable way.  Includes exam standard illustrations as needed.

Tuition Practice Questions*

Either an extract from or an entire past exam question(s) to match the topic covered in the video.

Relevant ACCA Articles*

All relevant ACCA articles will be included linked in the tuition material.  Everything you need to study a topic in one place!

Access to Tutor Support*

By WhatsApp direct to Geoff Cordwell

End of Tuition Mock with Personal Video Debrief

A specifically created tuition mock to practice your knowledge and skills to be attempted before revision and marked to exam standard so that you know where you are up to.

Kaplan Online Textbook

The latest version of the Kaplan online Textbook for reference and background reading.

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