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The Revision Plus Mock Course 

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Allow me to introduce my ACCA APM Revision course.  This course assumes that you have covered the APM syllabus on a tuition course or by self-study.  The revision course covers the critical core areas of the syllabus from an exam technique perspective and includes a reminder of the key technical points.  All core syllabus areas will be demonstrated with a debrief of relevant past exam questions all with Geoff's own answers and using the CBE test reach platform.


Reading questions well and good writing skills are vital to exam success and are often one of the main reasons students fail exams.  Students have often studied hard but simply can’t get their ideas down on paper or fail to understand what the examiner is looking for.  If you enrol on my revision course, you will get my video on reading and writing skills for APM exams.

Revision Course Content - What You Get!

Courses to September and December 2023 available now

Revision Notes - a Topic in Ten

Bespoke revision notes, concise and precise with examples throughout and summarised at the end by the 10 things you must just know on the day. 

A topic in 10!

Revision Videos

Videos of revision notes above and comprehensive debriefs of at least 16 past exam questions for all the core areas of the syllabus.

Kaplan Online Revision Kit

The latest version of the Kaplan Online Revision Kit containing past APM real exam questions.

Tutor Support

 WhatsApp support direct to Geoff Cordwell

Marked Revision Questions

Four of the revision questions are submittable for marking.  Searching feedback and guidance is spread throughout the course.

APM specific exam technique modules

Get better at understanding what the examiner is looking for and communicating better to score more marks.  These skills videos include - Application skills, justification skills, structure skills, time management tips and dealing with embedded requirements.

Mock Exam

A timed and fully test reach loaded mock exam with brand new questions written by me, an ex-examiner.  The perfect final preparation.

You can read more about the Mock Exam product here

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