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Below are some testimonials from a selection of Geoff's previous students. 

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Geoff , you taught me in 2015, when I, like many, was very worried about taking Advanced Performance Management (APM).  The paper had a reputation for being difficult and the pass rates backed that up.  Geoff, you made it all make sense, so thank you so much for that.  After the courses I had so much more confidence to read questions more carefully and take my time, looking for the “clues in the question” and then adding value as you suggested.  It worked a dream!  Thanks so much.


Thanks again Geoff, I didn’t really want to do APM but in the end I am glad I did.  More and more I am finding things that you talked about are real in my job and I have even suggested a change to the variances system at work off the back of the course!  And guess what, it has been accepted!  As you say – onwards and upwards.


Just a quick note to thank for all the hard work on the recent Advanced Performance Management course.  The session on reading and writing skills made all the difference.  Thanks again.



Thanks for the course Geoff, I think it was pretty obvious to us all that you really cared about our success.  It is great when people go the extra mile and the session where you went through my script, helping me to see where I was going wrong made all the difference.

Do you know the examiner Geoff?!  The real exam was exactly how you said it would be and because we’d practiced how to approach similar questions, I actually enjoyed it! 

Just don’t tell anyone I said that though, Ha, ha!


Hi Geoff, I passed!  I can’t believe it really.  The focus on CSFs and KPIs was just right as we had about 30% of the paper on that type of thing.  If I didn’t know better, I would say that you must have written the paper!


I would highly recommend Geoff as a tutor. For APM, he made the subject tangible by expressing the weaknesses of current performance analysis in many real-life companies. His Course also taught me how to develop my answers to gain the maximum amount of marks.

Dominic Gibson

1st Place in the World March 2020 APM

I was lucky enough to have Geoff as my tutor for the performance management ACCA classes at Kaplan.  Geoff is able to make his lectures fun and interesting, so much so that it doesn’t feel like a class, yet you come away with a greater understanding of the topics covered.  Geoff also taught the exam revision phase for my course, and as a result of his exam techniques, I felt that I understood the exam I was facing and was confident and well prepared to tackle the exam, achieving a first-time pass.  It would be a pleasure to attend any of Geoff’s classes, lectures, or seminars in the future.


Geoff, I did it!  Having failed APM a few times I am so glad I came to your classes to re-set my thinking.  Once I had grasped what this paper was really about it all just fell into place. 

I think I was approaching it like it was a business strategy paper and once I had realised it wasn’t, I was home and dry. 

Thanks again.


‘I’d like to thank Geoff for steering me through the APM exam, which I had previously failed with a different tutor. Geoff’s attention to detail, knowledge of the main examinable areas of the syllabus and method of teaching meant that I passed with the highest mark out of all my Professional exams’.


Geoff is a living legend and very down to earth gentleman. Acid test - I passed the nasty paper 8 (Module E) ACCA back in the day 2002 / 2003 with his expert tuition / guidance and good humour! Those were the dark days of ACCA when you had no choice and Module E and F wrecked many ACCA careers.
 GOOD LUCK and sign up with Geoff!


Geoff was very attentive and responsive to my queries. Although I only did the Mock Exam Course with Geoff, I found his willingness to go 'the extra mile' and his ability to explain concepts clearly, something that really helped me when I needed it most.


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