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Diagnostic Revision Course

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Welcome to my unique diagnostic revision course.  This course is designed for the retaking student who is perhaps uncertain as to what went wrong the last time the paper was sat.  Such uncertainty is common in APM.  Did you know enough?  Was it a technique issue?  Was it poor writing style –are you too succinct or too verbose? 


This course will help you understand where you may have gone wrong and, crucially provide help in the areas where you need to improve.

Diagnostic Revision Course content - What You Get

Courses to March and June 2023 available now

Diagnostic Phase

In this phase you will complete a knowledge test covering all major syllabus areas.  It will inform on your overall knowledge and identify where you need to spend extra time.  There is also a writing test comprising a short 15 mark question which is submitted for feedback.  You get feedback on your ability to apply effectively, structure your answers, writing style, technical content and your ability to score professional skills marks.  


Both these short tests will guide you on what you need to work on to secure a pass next time.

Revision Phase

You join the normal revision course.  The detailed content can be seen on the revision course page here. This course includes modules on each of the weaknesses you may have identified during the diagnostic phase.  If you’re rusty technically, then there is revision notes on everything.  If you have recognised writing style issues, then there is a writing module.  If you think you have application skills deficiencies, then there is a module for that too.

Practice Phase

The diagnostic revision course includes a full mock exam and again details are shown on the mock exam course page here.

This course, therefore,

  • Identifies your areas for improvement

  • Provides help in all areas where you need it

  • Gives you a chance to practice in a full mock exam loaded on test reach

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