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Why study ACCA APM as your option paper

Choosing an option paper can be scary. You might have conflicting thoughts. You want to pass of course, but you want your choice to be relevant to your job now and, more importantly, in the future. You would quite like it to be interesting so the pain of study would be lessened. So what do you do? Here is the case for APM.


APM is relevant to every business, yes every business...All businesses set targets, carry out budgeting, assess their performance and reward staff. They want to improve productivity and enhance quality. So if you're advising a business or helping to run it as the accountant or the financial business partner then APM can help you do that.


APM is a practical exam with very little abstract theory. This makes it relatable and understandable. You won't be scratching your head trying to figure out the deeper meaning of some obscure theory late into the night. there are no long list of rules to learn, no formula to remember. All this will make your APM studies really quite enjoyable, you will feel that you are making progress both in your studies and at work.

Get noticed

APM is about change and how to achieve that in business. All businesses need to change and adapt. The environment changes all the time and the business needs to respond. APM teaches you how to evaluate the existing performance system, assess its suitability and implement a new, better system. If improving a system adds 10% to revenue, improves margins or makes the employees happier then the employer is going to notice that. Employers crave accountants that can add value and not merely count beans, they have a computer for counting beans and AI is coming to make that easier. Want promotion? - study APM.

Pass rates

In general the world wide pass rates for the four option papers are broadly similar. ATX is occassionally slightly higher. ATX is a good paper for sure and if you work in tax and, crucially, if there is a local relevant country variant, then maybe it is for you. There are only 8 country variants (Cyprus, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom), so for most you'll be studying a tax system that doesn't apply to where you live. The point here is world wide pass rates are not wholly relevant. Select a good tutor, obtain good material, study, ask questions of your tutor, listen to advice and you'll pass. What other people do is not your concern.

APM is an intriguing paper with an excellent examining team. They prepare exams that are fair and reasonable and that is all you can ask.

Geoff Cordwell - APM specialist online tutor. Affordable quality in a digital world. Study with me and the pass rates above are simply not relevant. and

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