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Studying ACCA APM? Here's a tip for the day. The APM exam, unlike most of the other papers will ask you to apply yourself to a specific business. How could a distribution company improve performance? What is wrong with the performance management system at the furniture store? Application skills are key. So how do you do it?

This is a subject of my latest upgrade within my revision material now available for March 2021. Here's just one of the ideas.

Visualisation is a really useful skill. In Victoria-Yeeland Logistics; an ex ACCA APM exam question about a parcel distribution business; you were asked about the sensibility of relying on customer's complaints to measure the timeliness and quality of deliveries.

Tricky? You've never worked in distribution. But if you imagine yourself as a customer receiving parcels you have a better chance of making goods points.

Maybe, you, the customer wasn't in? Maybe, you, the customer have a dog fond of ripping up parcels? Imagine what could happen. Dream a little and you'll make great points. Dream a little but do it quickly and you'll be fine.

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