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The drivers of performance

Not the usual "watching football" attire I know and the dog was less than interested to be fair, but I felt I had to help Finn (my step Son) get through the trauma. Rangers were playing Celtic and you could cut the tension with a knife.

A must win game for Celtic and they had the the majority of possession and chances but in the end lost 1 nil. Finn was so upset he went to his room to study!

It's an odd game football. In the end all that matters is one measure - did you win?

Business is different in that the drivers of performance (the passing, the quality of control, the invention) lead to a win much more dependably. And thank goodness for that. can you imaging doing everyone right and still losing money!

If you want to win more dependably reach out to me for tuition, revision or a mock exam for ACCA APM March or June 2021. Affordable quality in a digital world.

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